I am thankful for my ASPCA Pet Health Insurance!

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In May 2010, my cat Jack was diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus. Getting ASPCA Pet Health Insurance with Continuing Care for Jack was the best thing I did in 2008, when I originally found out about pet health insurance. Now, Jack is happy and healthy and I am submitting regular claims for his treatments.
Over the past year, I've found that having a pet with diabetes is expensive, even more because I have other pets who also need to see the vet. The ongoing veterinary expenses piled up quickly and were threatening to become a financial burden. Luckily, I had pet insurance for all my cats.

Between his blood tests and the cost of a three-month supply of insulin and syringes, I ended up paying around $650 for Jack's first two visits to the vet. In addition to these expenses, I found out I would have to take Jack in for monthly blood tests and I would have to by insulin every three months. All told, I spend approximately $150 per month to treat Jack's diabetes.

Without ASPCA Pet Health Insurance, Jack's diabetes diagnosis would have forced me to make some difficult financial decisions. While Jack's blood tests and insulin are certainly not cheap, recouping a percentage of my out-of-pocket expenses has been critically important for my finances.

I have had nothing but positive experiences with my ASPCA Pet Health Insurance policy.

Everyone should purchase pet health insurance, even if there doesn't seem to be an immediate need! Planning ahead will sav

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Diabetes Mellitus
Claim Amount
$500 - $1000

Domestic Shorthair

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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