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I found them pleasant on the phone but that was about all I was satisfied with. My puppy had to have elbow surgery which cost several thousand dollars, VPI's stance was that since it was within the first 12 months of the policy they would not cover it. I explained that the dog was a baby with a clean bill of health when I started the policy and that with the dog's diagnosis of FCP at 8 months, waiting until after 12 months of age the prognosis is markedly worse. They said it is their policy and there isn't anything they can/will do about it. Not only did they deny all of my claims for the surgery and the diagnosis, it took them over 2 months just to return a verdict. First they denied it pending the vet records of all visits the dog had, after receiving this it took over another month to get the final denial of my claims. VPI infuriated me and having paid for the full year in advance, I am canceling immediately and going with another provider.

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