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On my vet's advice we purchased a policy from Trupanion. She said this type of dog( Belgian Malinois mix) commonly tear their ACL in the knee from running, jumping etc. We've been paying our premiums for about 4 years now. Sure enough this year she tore her ACL(or CCL in dogs). I started submitting claims fro xrays, anti inflamatory meds etc. Filing a claim is so easy!! They respond right away and let you know they are looking at it and then usually within a few days they inform you they have covered it! We have them pay us back so it is deposited it straight into our account. It's not 4-6 weeks! It's a matter of days! We have been extremely happy with Trupanion's service. Her surgery total has been close to $6,000. We could have done it , but Trupanion made it less of a worry of how are we going to pay for this.We are very impressed with Trupanion! I have recommended it to a few people!

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Mixed breed Large (70–90 Lbs)

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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