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I insured our dog in November '06 when she was just a pup and the monthly premiums were just $29.80. Subsequently the premiums were increased to $33.85 so I advised the company I didn't wish to continue the policy. I now realize that cancellation had to be in writing. My fault. But I would have expected the company to tell me that. Instead they simply continued to make an automatic withdrawal from my account - something I just discovered in November '10! (I'd thought the automatic withdrawals were going to a charity I support!). At some point, somehow the monthly premiums had become $46.66. I'd never been informed of any increase. If I had, I'd have realized the withdrawals were ongoing. Nor was I ever advised of the company name change from Vet Insurance to Trupanion. When I realized what was happening, I called the number on my policy, only to get a recording saying something like "We cannot assist you." It took calls to my vet to learn about the name change and get an up to date phone contact. That hasn't helped. Despite several Emails and numerous phone calls, and messages left on voice mail, no one has contacted me to discuss my request for at least a partial compensation. I'm not happy!

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Posted: 09/10/2011

Why didn't you just contact your bank or credit card company and stop the automatic payments? If you wanted to continue donating to charity, you should of done that independant of the insurance.