No regrets, best choice I ever made for my pet!

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I have been a policy holder with VPI for 2 years now. I got the very best policy for my Lab, knowing the breed in general tends to get into varying degrees of trouble. Knock on wood, however, I have yet to use my insurance for any accidents. I have been reimbursed for microchipping my dog ($20 out of $50), annual check up and tests ($110 out of $237), and a Lymes vaccine ($30 out of $30). I am happy with the way my claims have been handled. I use a fairly expensive veterinary practice and I get back a decent amount from my claims. The claims are handled very quickly and VPI's customer service is outstanding... always very pleasant on the phone, wanting to help in whatever way they can. I only wish I had known you cannot remove parts of your policy and get them reinstated at a later date. I added to my base policy a cancer reimbursement plan as well, which, right now, is a waste. My pet is young, came from great genes, and has no health problems. I would have liked to add this part of the policy later on in his life when it might have become a true concern. Currently, I debate how amazing my policy is. I pay about $600 a year and have barely used it. I know if something serious happened to my pet and I didn't have VPI, I'd be pretty upset.

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routine check ups, exams, and vaccines
Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Labrador Retriever

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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