Not Worth the Cost and Aggrivation

Out of 10

I picked up insurance with VPI ten years ago when I first adopted my cat, Pierre. I've only occasionally submitted claims for his regular check-ups, as there is a certain hassle to it and I intended the policy for big-ticket emergency issues anyway. Well, when Pierre was attacked and dragged off by a coyote several months ago he used one of his nine lives to survive the incident and I promptly rushed him to the ER. He spent five days in the hospital. When I brought him home I had to syringe feed him and do PT daily as he still couldn't walk. Today he's fully recovered but VPI has flatly rejected my multiple submissions of his claim for $3500. Each time cites a ridiculous reason: "failure to state a claim" or "inadequate records" ... After submitting ten full pages of typed doctors notes, prognosis and test results. Diagnosis??? Coyote bite!!! Sure, I can submit over and over again, and eventually file suit, but I paid dues every month for ten years so I wouldn't have to. Otherwise I could have just opened a pet-rainy-day savings account. In retrospect, the latter would have been FAR more efficient.

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Coyote bite
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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