Banfield is worth it - but not all offices

Out of 10

I have been with Banfield for 7 years and have gone to 3 different locations. 2 of the 3 were fabulous and the other was the worst experience I could have possibly had. They were a perfect example of all the bad things I have ever heard about Banfield. However, my experience at the the first location and my current location has been the exact opposite. Thank goodness Banfield will allow you to switch offices just by walking in the door to a new one. There was no hassle and I have a great doctor, not fresh out of school, great nurses, and an overall very caring staff. I would definitely reccommend Banfield's Wellness Plans, but alos make sure you shop for a good office and if you don't like one then switch asap! I have both my dogs on a plan and all vaccinations, comprehensive bi-annual checkups, yearly teeth cleaning ,and all office visits are included and get 20% off anything I decide to buy from them (whic they do not require, you can purchase meds elsewhere). It's really a great way to help keep your dog healthy!

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