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My insurance was effective July 7, 2010. I wanted to know after purchasing it what if anything would be excluded as a pre-existing condition. I was directed by customer service in order to underwrite my policy they needed a request in writing. My request was dated July 24, 2010. I was told it takes 2 - 4 wks. On August 23, (interesting it's the 11th hour) I received an email captioned Underwriting Records Alert stating the records were incomplete. I answered the email the same day stating they had all the records I had since adopting her. On September 18th I contacted Cust Serv again and since then have been going back and forth trying to get the underwriting done to no avail. I have been promised personal attention and emails from a particular Cust Serv Rep and didn't receive any. I have been transferred to a supervisor's voicemail, left two messages. He's conveniently in meetings all day. Today, when I was told he was on another call I said I'd wait. Was told they didn't know how long he'd be. I said I'd wait all day. Was told I'd be tieing up their lines. Not any longer. I cancelled today. And by the way, within the hour of cancelling that supervisor left me a message saying he was working on it. I checked the BBB in Philadelphia and they have 11 complaints in the last 12 months. Some resolved, some not. The fact that approx one person a month filed a complaint speaks volumes to me. I wish I had checked the BBB before getting involved. Lesson Learned. The company is aka Fe

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