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I had another insurance company for my 4 Great Danes before I switched to Embrace. Last year, one of my Danes had a tumor on her foot that eventually resulted in the amputation of a toe. I was very disappointed in the reimbursement I received based on a fee schedule, not the actual cost of services. The company that claimed 80% reimbursement actually ended up paying about than 50% of my costs. After researching online, I decided to switch to Embrace. Two months after switching over, my one year old Great Dane developed prostatitis and a UTI that didn't resolve on antibiotics. My veterinarian recommended a neuter. Unfortunately, he had a clotting disorder that we were not aware of. He bled after surgery, went into hypovolemic shock, and developed a heart arrhythmia. He nearly died. He received emergency care at my regular veterinarian, then transferred to a 24 hour emergency clinic, then was hospitalized for 4 days in ICU at a large referral hospital. Knowing I had Embrace allowed me to concentrate on getting him the medical care he needed without worrying about how I would pay for it. I was with him through his entire recovery and he is now home and 100% better. My claim was handled quickly and efficiently with good communication. Best of all, Embrace did just what they said they would. They paid 80% of my costs after the deductible was met. I If still had the other company, I would have ended up paying thousands of dollars more.I am a veterinary technician

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