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Chi Chi our pitbull tore her left cranial cruciate ligament. Surgery is typically required for most of these situations as failure to repair the torn ligament can result in permanent damage to the animal’s ability to walk and run. Chi Chi's Pet insurance claim amount: $1500.00 VPI paid: $1168.65 (Broken down as follows: Surgery 1375.00 Anesthesia 125.00) They paid 90% of the bill. I received a check for 1168.00 in less than three weeks. Initial visit to diagnosis tear/meds 215.00 VPI deductible applied $50.00 VPI paid at 90%: 148.50 I am pleased with the insurance. We have four animals insured with VPI. My advice with any insurance including human call before you take in your pet to see what is covered and what is not covered. Research vets to see their prices. One of the best Veterinary hospitals and clinics, University of Pennsylvania Veterinary School and hospital is located near me. If you go there the bills will be higher than your average vet but your pet is receiving top care. Use them for emergencies their bill will be much more than the allowable fee on the insurance.

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left cranial cruciate tear
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Over $1000

Pit Bull

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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