The Sock Eater Strikes Again

Out of 10

Anyone who owns a Lab may be able to relate to my story! Skittles is an 8 year old Lab who for some reason eats socks and as hard as I try to keep them from her she will find one. Five separate surgeries to remove obstructions from her intestines has made her the talk of the Vets Office. Petplan Insurance has covered every surgery without question. Thank you! Because of you I still have my pal..My only challenge now is how to make sure she never gets near another sock. The Vets have suggested just putting a zipper on her stomach! I cannot tell you how much I believe in this insurance and how grateful I am to them for their great service. I do live in fear of another obstruction, but if it happens I know I am in good hands. Thank you so much from Skittles and me.

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