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I have had Banfield's Optimum Wellness plan for 4 years for our dog. Now I am going to switch to somebody else. Banfield is good for ordinary routine checkups and vaccinations, in other words if your pet has no problems. We have been constantly charged for extra tests: pancreas, hypothyrodism, liver enzymes,biopsy, mostly with negative results. We have been told to take her to specialists at $500 a pop only to hear that it is tiny problem, very early detection, only monitoring needed at this time. Their vets are young, just out of school. They practice defensive liability protocol. They also sell you drugs and supplements at full retail which you can get from Amazon usually at 50%. We spend $350 annual premium and then another $1500 on top of that which to me is not a good value.Annual teeth cleaning is included in the plan but after spending $275 for multiple extra blood tests they refused to do it because of small abnormal results and was contraindicated for elective procedures.A month of liver supplements and more blood tests and again "we can't do it" but we do have to charge you for the tests. There are no refunds and you can only go to (1) specific location except in emergencies. Our pooch has some chronic long term problems and while Banfield's plan helps we end up paying an extreme amount of money on vet bills. I would recommend Banfield only for a new puppy.You would pay the same amount for exams and vaccinations anyway.

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routine teeth cleaning/ managed care
Claim Amount
$100 - $500


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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