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At one time or another we are all faced with hard choices when it comes to our pets. We loved and they are part of our families - they trust us through it all do make the right decisions, to do the right thing for them. All too often the decision is made not on the clinical circumstances but on the economics of treatment. VPI allows us to make those decisions based on the clinical situation not the economics. We know that no matter what we would go the distance for our dogs but VPI helps us be far more comfortable with our choice to give our dogs appropriate, state of the art medical care. We are the 'parents' of 2 miniature schnauzers, a 3/1/2 female and a 9 1/2 yr male. Prememiums for the older dog, Fritz, are quite reasonable. Thank you VPI!

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pancreatitis, vasculitis
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Over $1000

Miniature Schnauzer

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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