Captain's Back Surgery

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Our Dachshund, Captain had major back surgery earlier this year to cure a slipped disk in his back that caused him to be paralyzed. Ohio State performed the surgery and our total bill was close to $3,000. As for our experience with VPI...I was very impressed. We have been with them for a while now but never had that "big" claim until April of this year...and VPI came through with flying colors. Our claim was processed very quickly and the reimbursement covered about two-third's of our total expenses. It allowed for Captain to receive the best medical coverage through Ohio State and we didn't have to worry about how our checking account was going to be damaged! I would recommend your product to anyone who has a pet and consider that animal a part of the family. Captain is doing great. He's walking again although he has a wobble to his gate. I think time will be his biggest friend as we get him back to full steam. The good part is he hasn't lost his personality or his yearning to be a part of the family. We're proud of him...if only more humans had his attitude! Thanks again (VPI) for everything you's hoping that we don't ever need you guys on another "big" claim!

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Major Back Surgery
Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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