After 8 Dobermans: Insurance

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My wife and I have been the happy owners of nine Dobermans over the forty years we've been married. They've all been wonderful, "low maintenance" dogs, until our last two. The first is a handsome fellow who has been healthy. Then after 5 years, we adopted his sister. She'd been with us a month and we discovered she had cancer. Needless to say,between the surgery and the chemotherapy, we were set back quite a pretty figure.She's OK now and we consider the money well spent. The experience prompted us to obtain pet insurance for her brother, if for anything it would bring us some peace of mind. Fortunately, he has remained healthy, but developed several minor problems over the past half year. One involved a vitamin B12 deficiency which an internist found and treated successfully, the other problem was an pustular interdigital infection of his right front paw, also treated quickly and successfully. The veterinary bills from both instances were submitted, our deductible met and a portion of our bills reimbursed. This was done in short order and without any difficulty. It really didn't amount to much compared to the expenses put out for the female with cancer, but it reassured us to know that when and if the big fellow ever suffers anything like his sister, the ASPCA insurance will be there to ease our financial burden.

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Skin problem

Claim Amount
$100 - $500


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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