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My premium has just increased from $50.82 to $75.04 (including HST). The email states: "With the cost of pet health care continuing to rise as veterinary medicine improves the quality, effectiveness and standard of care being offered for treatment, it is important for us to adjust our rates accordingly." It was under $50 when I signed up. This is the second increase, and my dog isn't even two yet!!! I am now looking for a new provider. On the good side, claims were always handled very quickly.

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Eye problem

Claim Amount
Over $1000

Standard Poodle

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 12/28/2010

If you compare our most recent rates with our competitors' rates, you will see that we are in the same ballpark for pricing. While we remain competitive with our pricing, we offer much more value for the dollar. Trupanion does not operate off of a set fee schedule or fixed payout limit. Instead, we choose to price our insurance premiums to be able to cover 90% of diagnostic tests, treatments, and medications with no limits, no matter where your pet goes for care or how much your vet services cost. For more detailed information about our pricing structure and value proposition, visit

Posted: 01/05/2011

I agree, got the same increase, it was $36 when I signed up 3 years ago, now, $55.