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This is my first go round with pet insurance, and I got into it a little late in the game (after my dog was already having some health issues). Embrace was the ONLY pet insurance company I could find that would even consider covering a pre-existing condition if it was considered curable. I find that when I submit claims, they are processed within about 2 weeks, and I find that instead of finding reasons not to cover my claims, they try to find ways to maximize my claims! I'll give a quick, great example: They give a 5% discount on premiums if your pet is microchipped. So, after I got the coverage, I had my dog microchipped. Not only was the claim for the procedure covered under my wellness rewards in the policy, but when I submitted the claim, I was automatically refunded the 5% of my premium for having the dog microchipped! I didn't have to ask for it! The customer service is excellent - they are thorough, quick and kind in their email correspondence, and very responsive and proactive in helping me get the most out of my benefits. I would recommed Embrace to anyone who wants comprehensive health coverage for their pets. I did a LOT of research before I bought, and Embrace seems to be the best out there!

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microchipping, wellness and dental
Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
Under a year

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Posted: 02/18/2012

Re: Sung. Yes you can go to Banfield, but then you have to deal with their poor veterinary care.

Posted: 02/23/2012

We need to lay to rest that what Banfield offers is pet insurance. It is simply a prepaid wellness plan with free office visits and discounts.
I am a veterinarian and I'm all for wellness care. But, there is a question pet owners need to ask themselves and their veterinarian, "Is all this stuff listed on this wellness plan absolutely necessary to keep my dog or cat healthy?"

My concern about these type of monthly payment wellness plans is that pet owners may not be able to afford both a monthly pay wellness plan AND pet insurance. My personal opinion as a veterinarian is that wellness care ought not to be expensive (so expensive that the pet owner has to pay for it monthly over 12 months in order to be able to afford it).

And the obvious question is what happens when you have to go to the emergency clinic or specialty hospital for something (often expensive) when your regular vet is closed or your pet needs a procedure your regular vet doesn't do? Pet insurance would help you no matter where you take your pet.

Posted: 03/13/2012

This is a hilarious review. Embrace had declared so many pre-existing conditions on my dogs that they wouldn't cover prior to me even filing a claim that I dumped my coverage post-haste. They might take your money to cover a dog with a lot of issues, but they will never pay a claim!

Posted: 06/01/2011

It has been not only a comfort to have my little “Dennis the Menace” taken care of when he got himself into trouble – but – it has been a delight to work with the staff at Embrace. Each person extended kindness and attended to details. There was no attempt to avoid covering the claim. I volunteer with English Springer Rescue America occasionally doing home visits and telephone interviews. I will certainly tell those who ask that I’ve found an insurance that is responsive and customer service oriented (a personal recommendation, not an official endorsement of ESRA.)

Posted: 08/27/2011

How could you get reimbursed pre-existing condition your dog? I bought everyday plan $43.97 a month 6/17/2011 and I went to see Vet on 6/19. we found out my dog had ear infection and parasites. I spend almost $500 for those conditons. I was told it was pre-existing condition so, i didn't get any reimbursements even medications. They told me if i want to get some money back i need to buy premium plan for my dog. my dog coverage is only when he gets in trouble, accidents or illness. their price seems too high. my friend goes to see vet at Bans field hospital in petsmart store she pays same as mine but she doesn't have to pay money everything has been free after she bought her dog's insurance but down side is you have to go only Bans field hopital and they don't open on sunday. i wish i could get some reimbursed for my dog from Embrace.

Posted: 01/01/2012

re Sung says.. The Embrace policy has a 14 day waiting period for new policy enrollment. Sung saw the vet on 6-19, two days after enrolling. I think most pre-existing conditions are covered after 6 months if 'cured'

Posted: 01/18/2012

No insurance company knowingly covers pre-existing conditions. That would not be insurance. Insurance is meant to cover unexpected costs, not known prior costs.
Apparently, Embrace recognizes some conditions heal, and if the condition occurred a long time ago, a current condition may not be related to a prior condition.

Posted: 08/14/2013

I rescued a dog from a shelter and this was my first time owning a dog. This little guy Roscoe (little Rascal)got in so much trouble that his VET advised me to get pet insurance. I went back and forth trying to find the right one. I finally got a Embrace brochure and after reading I decided I would go ahead and give Embrace staff a call. I can say that the staff at Embrace was so courteous, helpfull, patient, and accomodating. They tried to help me with all the concerns that I had. They also never tried to push anything that I was not comfortable with. I would recommend Embrace to other Pet owners.

Posted: 07/27/2015

Im just dpoing comparisons on pet insurance and so far this is the only one Ive found with an annual deductible and not per visit. Havent signed up yet but appreciate the reviews.