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I am in the health insurance business - but on the people side. When choosing a pet insurance, I did NOT want a scheduled plan such as VPI has. This type of plan pays a VERY small amount on what is typically a MUCH higher claim amount. The type of plan you want is the type of plan that Embrace offers - deductible and coinsurance based on the BILLED amount. My bluetick coonhound Georgie who is only 3 years old, was just diagnosed with a rare immune disorder (less then 2% of all dogs have it). I took her to Medvet which is a specialty hospital and the bill to diagnose her was almost $1300 with a follow-up visit of another $266. This didn't include the almost $500 I had already spent at my regular vet's office a couple of weeks before. I chose a $500 deductible plan with Embrace with reimbursement at 90% with the highest yearly maximum that they have ($10,000). I was reimbursed exactly as I should have been by Embrace. I did have to pay the deductible twice because my plan year runs 8/26 to 8/26 and my visit to Medvet occurred on guess what date - 8/26!! So be aware that you deductible is NOT a calendar year deductible (January to December) but a plan year deductible (when you actually take out the plan which in my case was 8/26 to 8/25 of the following year). The first claim did take about 4 weeks to process but the follow up claim was only a couple of weeks. Overall, I am very happy with the reimbursement. One thing to watch for though is continuing care

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eosinophic bronchopneuopathy
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Posted: 05/14/2012

Thanks much for this review!! I've got 4 pets (2cats & 2 dogs) ranging in age from 1 yr to 8 yrs. Coming from someone who works in the people side of the industry and what to look at when choosing a policy was a huge plus .As was what to ask concerning policy year coverage. It's something I could have easily overlooked. Thank you.

Posted: 05/23/2012

Can you please explain the continuing care sublimit? And will my policy now be an RLI policy? Will my policy transition as well?

Posted: 12/17/2015

Embrace has eliminated continuing care so it is no longer an issue. Georgie's claim occurred in 2010 when it was still on the policy. However, Georgie has had additional claims. This year alone, she had over $7,000 in medical expenses due to having her spleen rupture due to a tumor on the spleen. She had to have her spleen, tumor and gall bladder removed. The vet said she probably had a deadly form of cancer known as hemangiosarcoma. However, due to having Embrace, I opted for her to have the surgery and the biopsy came back as negative!!! Embrace paid her claim within 10 days of her surgery!! Awesome job!! Embrace gives you that piece of mind to have very expensive care when dogs would normally be put to sleep. So thankful I had the insurance and the good outcome!!

Posted: 10/31/2010

Just to let you know, we're transitioning to a new insurance company over the next year (RLI Corp) and one of the great things we have done in the switch over is to remove the continuing care sublimit. So if you have an RLI policy, your policy does not have a continuing care sublimit. Happy days!

Posted: 01/06/2011

Were you able to continue with the insurance, now that your dog has a pre-existing condition?

Posted: 05/21/2011

Wow! This is the most helpful review for Pet insurance I've read so far. Thanks for all the info, it's just what I needed. J

Posted: 01/02/2012

Remembering policy dates is tricky, but important.

Posted: 08/08/2014

On the question above about pre-existing - as long as you take out the policy BEFORE the condition existed, there is no pre-existing. Georgie gets her regular medical care and Embrace has paid for it in 5 days! The thing people need to realize is if a condition existed prior to the effective date of insurance it is pre-existing and not covered. However, thats why you get insurance on your pet as soon as you get them. Also, get their annual exam and shots to keep them healthy and then hope you don't have to use the insurance. But if you do, Embrace will pay your claim if there isn't a pre-existing condition.

Posted: 01/31/2015

What's continuing care?

Posted: 10/20/2015

Have had pet dogs for 25 years, they've always been hardy & long lived till my recent disaster loss of Bonnie my prized best ever Rhodesian Ridgeback who contracted Lymphomasarcoma after 6 1/2 years of sprite healthful life . Needless to say got zinged for about $10,000 trying to save her. Stupidity was I never had annual or biannual health exams of any of my pets & in Bonnies case got a rude awakening , so to all that love their pets get them checked out annually or bi-annually for if maladies are caught soon enough you may be able to cure or extend yur pets life longer. In Bonnies case the cancer was too far spread and took her out in just 3 weeks. Since this great loss I've innniated coverage for Clyde her brother and new pup Ginger also a Ridgeback to replace Bonnie and the claims hav already been used with great savings. I guess in all its better late than never. Embrace is fair , very efficient in processing and scrutinizing fairly and seems they try to cover all they can. Am very pleased with company and their personal staff reps who always are so informative and helpful in counseling best policies for yur individual financial situation.