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My family had been wanting a dog for years. My husband was very set against it because he said it was just too much of an expense. I told him the dogs we had when we were growing up never had any problems and hardly went to the Vet. My children and I finally got the nerve to tell him we had to get this beautiful West Highland Terrier we had been visiting at the pet store. He wasn't happy and we did get her but of course he loved her at first sight but swore he would not help with any bills. It was our responsibility. This scared me greatly because if there would be a major problem I knew on my income I would not be able to handle it. This is when I decided to look for pet insurance and chose PetPlan. I took the Bronze Plan with the highest deductible to keep the cost down with the hopes that little Adrienne would not get sick and I would not have to pay the $200 deductible very often. Just the well visits and vaccinations alone were very expensive. At 5 months old Adrienne became very sick. It took 4 days of treatments at the Vet hospital until she was diagnosed with Addision's Disease. My very first bill was over $400.00. The remainder of the bills over $900.00. To this day my husband has kept that promise to not pay any animal related bills. Adrienne requires frequent visits, sometimes 2 to 3 times a month to get this disease under control. She also requires a monthly injection and medication by mouth every day. I can't imagine what I would have done without PetPla

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Addison's Disease
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Over $1000

West Highland White Terrier

Age of Pet
Under a year

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