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Amanda Rose is a lively, active 3 year old Calico. So, when she just wasn't behaving as usual, off to the vet we went. Four visits later, after blood tests, x-rays, 4 different prescriptions, various urine, kidney, etc. tests, she was finally over an unkown illness which resulted in a high fever. Obviously, she had to have whatever the vets ordered, but I will admit that each time we walked in the door, I could see $ signs in front of my eyes. Our coverage with ASPCA is a Godsend. A good majority of the bills were covered, the claims were processed quickly and I could see the status of the claims online so I was aware of exactly what amount of each bill submitted was being paid and when the check was issued. We would recommend this coverage to any pet owner - we make sure that our Mandy is well csred for and ASPCA takes good care of us!

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unknown source fever
Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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