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They would not cover my dog for his pre-existing condition (inflamed bowel disease)which was diagnosed via biopsy. He came to them with full labs showing his physiology was working quite well except his bowels which were being maintained through strict diet and pregnisone if necessary. The VPI sales rep sold me on how great the program is. I told him my dog has IBD, "no problem" he says. He gets me excited about the program. I begin reccomending it to my friends... only to get an email from them saying my dog is un-insurable becasue he has IBD and they hope he has a happy and healthy life. No explanation, no nothing, just insult added to injury. Why did they waste my time? Why did their sales rep sale me on a program when they know full well that they don't cover a dog with IBD? If my dog is otherwise healhty (and has extensive labs to prove it) and they don't cover his pre-existing, why can't they cover him? Why don't they explain? Why do they insult me by telling me they hope he has a long and healthy life? What a big fat joke.

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