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Jynx my 1 year old American Bulldog/Australian Shepard mix has been the most expensive free dog ever! I finally decided I needed to get some pet insurance at the advice of my vet. I did much research and probably called the poor customer service agent 100 times before I finally paid my premium (which by the was was REDICULOUSLY LOW and far cheaper than my own insurance) thinking I would never need it now that I have it. 48 hours after paying my premium Jynx fell on an iced over parking lot and I was sure she had dislocated her hip - to my surprise it was only a sprain! YEAH! I submitted my claim on 1/14/2011 - My check was mailed TODAY 1/21/2011!!!! AND she has to go back on Tuesday for xrays and a follow up and Joseph advised me today that there is NO MORE DEDUCTABLE for this accident! I am beyond pleased with this company and highly recommend it to EVERYONE with animals!!! The customer service reps are patient and knowledgeable, the claims representitives are quick and thorough... I could not be happier!

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Accident - Sprained/Muscle
Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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