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We have had VPI since July of 2010. We have only had one claim, justfor a check up and a microchip, but we received the reimbursement in about 10 days. The times I have needed to call customer service I have been helped by friendly polite people, I appreciate that alot! Sam has a pre-exsisitng tarter condition, and we are patiently waiting the 6 months since his last check up so he can be fully covered. He is a shelter dog, and at 4 years old, I am thrilled he can be covered. I urge my friends that have young dogs to enroll before any condition comes up. We figured even if we put what Sam's premium in savings account for him, a years' worth would not cover a broken leg. He is extremely active and jumps for balls and toys, and we worry abou broken bones and ijuries. We have peace of mind knowing if something happens Sam will be taken care of!

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Ear Problem

check up for a seed stuck in his ear and microchip
Claim Amount
Under $100

Belgian Malinois

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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