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We have two cats insured with PetPlan USA. The older one, Tripoli, was 15 when we got her from the shelter in early 2010 and had had a tough life, it had left her with only one tooth (a lower canine) and three feet. Despite all this PetPlan insured her for a very reasonable amount. Strangely, she turned out to be the healthy one.
Our other cat, Mr. Fuzzi (born around 2000), was adopted in early 2008 while I was serving in Germany with US Forces there, it was at the German shelter I first heard about pet health insurance and insured him with a German insurance company until we moved back to the US. A quick look at reviews convinced me PetPlan was the best available, so he was insured with PetPlan when we returned to the US in Sept 2009.

I could not have been more correct. In early 2010 he began to behave strangely and show other signs of an unknown illness (dizziness, high blood pressure, light sensitivity, lethargy, pulling out his own fur, diabetes, personality changes, and worst of all fragile skin which kept tearing). Diagnostic tests and treatments at our local Vet (all covered by PetPlan) did not resolve the problem which was getting worse. In June 2010 he local Vet referred us to University Vet Hospital for an MRI, where it was discovered that Mr Fuzzi had a very large tumor in his skull on his pituitary gland, putting pressure on his brain and causing a massive over production of hormones, both of which together accounted for his symptoms. Without treatment the

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