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We recently got our adorable little puppy and very soon found out that the costs really started adding up with each vet visit. We are so so happy that we found Healthy Paws! While each of our vet visits have been adding up to between $200 - 300, we found that in a matter of one vet visit we had already managed to pay the annual deductible and gotten a very prompt email letting us know that we had a check in the mail for the remaining 90% that was covered. The insurance has more than paid for itself and it is amazing to have the peace of mind that we aren't breaking the bank every time we have to take our puppy in for another one of his many episodes (eating something he isn't supposed to or other issues that develop with age). Also, we have heard of so many people who have paid tens of thousands because they have a dog with cancer or one that has been in a car accident. It makes me feel much better that I won't have to make the choice between my life's savings and my dog's health/life... all for less than I pay monthly for my cell phone bill! So so happy again that we found Healthy Paws! It is nice to know that there is a prompt friendly service like this one that rewards people for being contentious pet owners. Thanks guys! :)

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Lots of puppy issues...
Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Golden Retriever

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Under a year

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