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In November, my active, healthy, beautiful black & brown girl Sophie fell ill. My vet prescribed antibiotics, ran tests, did x-rays, etc. I had scheduled an appointment with a specialist but, two days before that appointment, Sophie refused to get out of the car and I ended up bringing her to the closest emergency room, and then later that night, to the hospital at which her appointment had been scheduled. She had to stay overnight at the hospital for two nights, and I got the heartbreaking diagnosis of a particularly aggressive sarcoma that was attacking her lungs, spleen, stomach, etc. At that moment, the hospital asked whether they should run tests and do an ultrasound; the treatment plan was estimated at close to $4,000 for those 2 days. Sophie was my life, and I had to try to see if, by some miracle, she could survive this. I didn't even know if the insurance would cover it. PetPlan not only covered that, they also covered follow-up care. They gave me a priceless gift: a few more months with my beautiful girl, who passed away Jan. 4th. Under my previous insurance, now called "PetFirst" I believe, I filed claims for accidents including two where Sophie tore her ACL; they never paid a penny. I wish I'd had PetPlan then. I have heard so many nightmare stories like this, where pet insurance provided no security. PetPlan is the only company I will ever trust to provide me and my four-legged friends security and support. Claim filing process is easy, payments are

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