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I signed up to protect my dog because I love her and would do anything to take care of her if something went wrong. While long story short VPI denied claim after claim stating it was pre existing. She had a bump on her front shoulder in september that I asked about in her yearly check up. The Doc put it down on the record and said nothing to worry about. It is like us having a mole. In november i signed up for the most expensive pet insurance before the yearly hunting trip. In January I took her in for a yeast infection in her girly parts. This was the first claim. Denied. The antibiotics cleared it up but it came back as soon as she finished the 10 day dose. Went back and got stronger meds. VPI denied that claim too. Final checkup to make sure she was better. VPI denied that one also. All of them stated it was a pre existing condition dermatitus. Totally different cases but they say it was pre existing. Its like I have a dent on my passenger door. I sign up for insurance. Someone hits my driver door. I submit for my driver door to be fixed. Insurance denies the claim because I had a dent before I signed up for insurance. VPI is horrible don't waste your money.

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Skin problem

yeast infection
Claim Amount
$100 - $500

English Springer Spaniel

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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