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VPI has been a positive thing for us. We purchased superior coverage and a superior rider almost immediately after getting our puppy, Chester, who is now 21 months old. A relative of mine had VPI insurance, but unfortunately delayed purchasing a policy for several months until after a couple medical issues were discovered with their young dog (allergies and a knee issue) which proved to be a big mistake for them since those items were never be covered under the policy since they were pre-existing issues. Therefore a couple knee surgeries and her weekly allergy shots were not covered! During our first year, Chester had uvitis (eye issue due to trauma at a daycare), received a dog bite from a mean dog at an art fair, contracted Giardia, had numerous digestive issues, hot spots, and got deathly ill once after a boarding stay and needed an E.R. visit and lots of very expensive treatment. Plus we had him neutered and his teeth cleaned within the first year. Things have drastically calmed down for Chester in year 2, but needless to say year 1 proved very expensive. We still spent a lot of money, and were not reimbursed for even half of our expenses...HOWEVER we were reimbursed for over $1,000 of our expenditures! Having spent approximately $500 for the coverage, I would certainly say that the VPI coverage was well worth it as we came out over $500 ahead. For year 2, we were able to downgrade to the core rider (while maintaining the superior package), and the policy price was con

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Eye problem

Skin problem



various in year 1, a few in year 2
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Golden Retriever

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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