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Our beloved rottweiller Baby died of bone cancer in January. We decided to rescue another rottweiller and found Jamie at our local rescue. She was two years old, malnurished, full of buck shot and recently had a litter of puppies. Dispite this she was a sweet and loving dog. After my recent experience with Baby I bought pet insurance from Petplan.
Jamie enjoyed living with us and gained weight and confidence. One day she woke up very lethargic and panting heavily. I took her to the vet where she was diagnosed with pneumothorax. Her lungs had collapsed and leaked air into her chest. They called Penn Veterinary school in Philadelphia and I drove her there immediately. The estimated cost of treatment was $4,000 to $6,ooo, but it went up from there. I hoped Petplan would cover it. I couldn't bear to loose two dogs in six months.

They removed 3 liters of air from her chest and put her in an oxygen tent. She spent several days in the ICU. A cat scan revealed a mass in her lung and they operated to remove it. The fluid in her lungs was full of splinters. Jamie loved to play with sticks. They think that the splinters may have poked a hole in her lungs.

Two days later she was ready to come home. I emailed the bills to Petplan and was relieved to receive a check in less than two weeks. Jamie has recovered and plays with balls instead of sticks now.

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