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I'm a runner. A couple years ago I started looking for a canine running companion. I did a lot of breed research before finally deciding to adopt a Doberman Pinscher mixed breed from the local shelter. Czara is energetic, loves to run, and is the perfect companion for my marathon training. On a whim I decided to purchase pet insurance. I've had large dogs in the past develop hip dysplasia so I wanted a pet insurance that would cover congenital and hereditary problems. PetPlan was the only reputable company with good reviews that covered such conditions so I decided to try it out.A couple of months ago while about a mile into a run, I looked down and saw Czara limping. I decided it would be best to walk home. I hoped it wasn't anything major and would heal on it's own but after a few days I realized it was definitely not getting better so I made an vet appointment for the following day. She was diagnosed with a torn cruciate ligament (ACL tear) and surgery was really the only course of action. Surgical procedures range from $1800-$5000 depending on the complexity. There was definitely no way I could afford that.
I did some research before deciding on a specific procedure and submitting the pre-authorization form. It was approved within a few days! Because of PetPlan I was able to choose the most appropriate and more expensive surgery.
Her surgery was about a month ago and she's recovering wonderfully. I submitted the claim paperwork the day after surgery. I was reimbursed

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