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Submitted 1st claim which took longer than the time frame that is advertised on web site, submitted claim, invoice showing payment and services rendered and after 3 days was told a request was made to vet for medical records. When I contact vet I was told that NO request was received or made by Pet Best, finally I was informed that the claim was denied the records received showed the condition (skin) was pre=existing and became infected. The physician denied such....I'm not sticking around to continue paying premiums with future claims to be denied for whatever reason they decide to come up with......

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Skin problem

Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Domestic Shorthair

Age of Pet
Under a year

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Posted: 06/09/2011

Hi MO, we hope your cat is feeling better. One of our goals is to process claims as quickly as possible. Most claims are processed within 5 business days and we always keep the policyholder updated on each claim’s process via email. It may take a few days longer if we require medical records from the treating veterinarian to rule out pre-existing conditions. Pre-existing conditions and any conditions secondary to a pre-existing condition aren’t covered by any pet insurance company. If you can to provide additional documentation that wasn’t submitted with your claim that can demonstrate your pet’s current condition is not related to the pre-existing issue you may be able to submit an appeal. There isn’t enough information here for us to locate your contact information so if you call Customer Care at 877-738-7237 we’ll be happy to review the appeals process with you.