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The most important criterion for vet insurance for me was that I be able to depend on the company paying what the contract said they would in case of disaster, because what's the point of insurance if you can't depend on it? I finally picked Embrace because (unlike most other companies) the reviews almost uniformly testified to their honoring the contracts they made: and it turned out to be a sound decision. For my eight year old cat I customized my policy to cover catastrophic expenses rather than routine annual preventative care, with a high deductible ($500) and 10% copay, and the highest annual limit ($10,000), with the very important "continuing care" rider (which prevents an illness which the company has paid out for from being considered a "pre-existing condition" in a subsequent policy year), no dental or prescription drug coverage. The monthly premium was about $30. After two years my cat had a brief upper respiratory infection, and then four days later suddenly became very ill with what turned out to be pancreatic cancer, for which there is sadly no treatment other than comfort care. Neither my vet nor the specialty vet hospital where he was referred for a sonogram and inpatient stabilization had dealt with Embrace before, but they submitted my claim forms and the invoices for the three visits. Three weeks later Embrace informed me that, after the annual deductible ($500), 10% copay ($232), and non-covered charges for prescription medicine dispensed by the vet

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Claim Amount
Over $1000

American Shorthair

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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