I wish MY insurance was like Petplan!!

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I wish *my* human insurance company were this good and like Petplan. Petplan reimburses me for everything -- and as fast as within 2 weeks of submitting my claim. Each and every time! I got Petplan when I got my new German Shepherd, after medical issues with the prior one (and no pet insurance) resulted in way over $15,000 in bills. Unfortunately, my new GSD has health issues too. I was initially on Petplan's cheapest program and soon got back far more than the initial premiums. I think the first year my premiums totaled around $360 for the whole year (around $30 a month), but Petplan paid me over $600 in one month alone for x-ray costs. Another time, they paid over $350 for treatment after some medicine sent Zola into anaphalytic shock. They paid $400 for his neutering because it was medically necessitated due to severe prostate issues. They pay for his medications, they pay for blood tests, heck, they pay nonstop. I think the first year, they paid out well over $1,500 in bills. And, again, my premiums at that time totalled about $360 or so for the whole year.
I'm now on a more expensive plan (about $50 a month, $600 a year, to cover up to $12,000 worth of any bills) and that was a smart decision because, now, I'm facing a $4,000+ hip replacement operation for my dog. Petplan will cover it all, AS WELL as rehab!! They will even cover acupuncture, hydrotherapy (water treadmill) or laser heat treatments, if that is what is medically advised and necessary to get my dog back

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Skin problem

Hip Dysplasia, Prostate issues, demodex, and several other things
Claim Amount
Over $1000

German Shepherd

Age of Pet
Under a year

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