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On Halloween night of 2010 our Akita (15 months old) got very sick. We took him to our Regular Vet who believed he had some sort of poisoning. We were told to take him to an emergency clinic where he stayed for 4 days while having ultrasounds, biopsy, frozen plasma, mediations as well as alot of other small charges. I was not to worried because I had pet Insurance with VPI. My bills for this incident were $3700.00-I just received my reimbursement from VPI today and it is for $697.00! I will call the company but it appears that they lump the incident into one catagory and pay that amount only! i would not recommend this insurance to anyone and will be making it very clear to any pet owner I come in contact with to not insure through this company! They will also exclude previous problems with your pet when it is time to renew your policy! An example (and this actually happened to us) when our chihuaha was about 10 months old she chewed a pencil and it lodged in her lung. It was removed but VPI put an EXCLUSION on our renewal policy for PUNTURE WOUNDS. It was put on the policy in such a manner that I did not even know it was excluded for 8 years! Also every year your pet ages, your rates go up, even if you did not have a claim. Stay away from this company! I am canceling my policy right away (they have to refund you for the months not used). I suggest anyone who has VPI do the same. I am one mad customer and I will do my best to make sure that this does not happen to

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