VPI have been great - great customer service

Out of 10

I took out the Major Medical Plan the day we bought our Chocolate Labrador and boy has it been worth it! The first 6 months we had several trips to the vet and when I worked out the costs compared to what I had paid on insurance a month it was totally worth it. I had spend around $300 on the insurance plan, but had received in excess of $600 back for our various Vet visits. Including a very costly visit within 2 months of having him. Thank goodness our trips to the vet have now reduced to normal, but I must say VPI were quick to action all my claims, and make it clear how much cover I had left for some things. When I had to query one payment they were great at rectifying it and getting me the extra money paid out straight away. I also really appreciate the little touches which so many other insurance companies could learn from - the Christmas card, the Birthday card (which I only got last week for my Puppys birthday tomorrow). They also ask me how my dog is doing and how I am feeling about my policy. Some people may expect all that, but having worked for the largest insurance company in the UK for 10 years - I can tell you that its not standard practice and it actually takes a lot to get it right. I think VPI are doing a great job and I will be renewing my policy in March.

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Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Labrador Retriever

Age of Pet
Under a year

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