Great Insurance, Fast Reimbursement!

Out of 10

We are new dog owners and wanted to make sure that our puppy was covered with the best insurance, at the best price.
Embrace met our requirments, and I can say it's level of service has far exceeded our expectations.

We have now made 2 claims for wellness visits, and I am more than impressed with the speed and efficiency of the reimbursement process. Our first claim of $85 was returned to us in 12 days (including mail time) on a paper check. I called Embrace and got set up for direct deposit for the future.

Our next claim was for $285 for our puppy to be spayed, and microchipped. The procedure was on the 4th of January. I emailed in the claim on the 5th, and was notified on the 6th that it had been received, and being processed. On the 10th I got notice that it had been approved for payment. And today (the 13th) it had posted on my bank statement as an electronic deposit!

I have no complaints on the service, or the turn around time on claims. Every time I have called the people answering the phones have been pleasant, and very helpful.

This is the way customer service should be. Keep it up Embrace! I would only ask that Schnoodles be added to the 'breed' section of the pulldown menu. :)

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Spay and Microchip
Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
Under a year

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