Petplan- Better than Blue Cross

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My German Shepherd, Sig was first diagnosed with idiopathic epilepsy at 4 months of age. His chronic condition led to seizures every hour. At first he was seen by a general vet who could not effectively control the seizures and was referred to an internal medicine specialist. 3 weeks of continued hospitalization led to a neurologic referral. After driving 2 hours from my home Sig saw the best neurologist in Southern California. While in the specialists care, my dog had an MRI, CFS tap, multiple x-rays, IV’s which totaled $14,000 in medical bills. Luckily, I had signed Sig up for PetPlan (Silver). After a phone call and a fax (medical records, claim forms) I received checks for $12,500.
It’s been over a year and my dog has been seizure free. Petplan literally saved my dogs life and I no longer have to worry about costly visits to specialists or anti-seizure medication. My only complaint now is that my dog has better insurance than I do. Anyone that owns I pet should get this insurance.

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idiopathic epilepsy
Claim Amount
Over $1000

German Shepherd

Age of Pet
Under a year

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