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Firstly, I want to say that I wish I had researched any bad reviews years ago before I ever signed up with FIGO. It seems that others are in the same boat as I am! I have been a loyal customer of FIGO for approximately 4-5 years now. I have NEVER needed to use the insurance however, I continually paid my monthly premium on auto-pay (by now, thousands of dollars total). I initially went with them because one always worries about getting coverage for pre-existing conditions whether it be minor or major and they seem to have stated they had a good policy with regards to considering a pre-existing condition something that has happened within the last 18 months. Well, for the first time in a while, I had to bring my cat to the vet as he had a small lump on his jawline... I wound up spending a little over $400 however, I was glad to know in the back of my mind that I had EXPENSIVE coverage for Koby's medical needs. Guess what? They only paid my visit fee and denied everything else(did not pay it really, it went toward my exorbitant yearly deductible)!!!! First of all, it even states on the explanation of benefits that, "Any illness or other condition that first occurred or displayed any signs and/or symptoms consistent with the stated illness or condition within 18 months prior to the pet policy effective date or prior to the expiration of any applicable waiting period"... Ok, I called customer service, maybe this was a mistake. I asked for an explanation and the rep confirmed that Koby had a lump on his lip back in 2013 so it is considered pre-existing.. wait a minute, what is the whole thing about the 18 months prior to starting an insurance policy with them? (2013 was over 2-3 years before I ever signed up with FIGO!).. I was told basically, read the fine print in our policy.. Ok, not only this but in 2013 he was brought to the vet for a swollen ball on the tip of his lip (allergic reaction to his food bowl - plastic).. as soon as we changed his bowl to metal, it went away and never came back. Now in 2020, he had a lump on the side of his jawbone and it will not be covered. This just sounds too funny to me. Every year, your premium goes up and goes up quite a bit at that. Like I said, I have paid A LOT in the past few years each month to ensure I have coverage for my cat. WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY!!!!!! I could have literally put that money away each month as if I were contributing to an emergency vet fund for any vet bills I would need to pay in the future and I would have been completely fine. It is so sad to see that they can easily take your money every month, increase your monthly premium each year, and then deny your claims and pay close to NOTHING. This is not the first time they have disappointed me however. Obviously, I was upset about the increases in monthly prices each year but whatever, you cannot do anything about that especially if you want to ensure your pet has coverage (or so you think they would anyway), but I was grandfathered into 100% reimbursement along with a $200 deductible. Well, this recent and current policy, I was raised to a $500 deductible and unable to keep my $200 one.. It is very clear that they do not care much about your pet or about your financial situations/the reason why you prefer to pay for coverage. Again, I am really saddened to know my money that I worked so hard for is wasted and gone, for nothing. I had to pay the entire bill and the little sixty something exam fee they did cover, it went toward my big $500 deductible anyway (LOL!). Please - take this from someone who has been with FIGO for years, paid tons of money in premiums and NEVER used them within that time period up until this year....SAVE YOUR MONEY AND YOUR ENERGY!!! Put away some money every month (or every paycheck) toward an emergency vet fund for yourself (as if you were paying a monthly premium, only to yourself). This way, when you have a vet bill to pay, you will have this money already saved. Another option, get CARE CREDIT.. You never want to invest in something that you will forever be uncertain about. I pay for FIGO insurance and I get close to nothing in return from them. Absolutely terrible.. still in shock that I am at a loss. I really did have high hopes for this company and their services but I must have been sadly mistaken. Just to reiterate : SAVE YOUR TIME and YOUR MONEY.

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