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I worked in a specialty veterinary practice & an Animal ER. I saw the emergencies coming in the door & medical bills sky rocket. All my pets get insured when I adopt them. My cat Kizmet had a BAD eye infection at 6 months old & it saved me money about $400.00. But at the time working at a veterinary clinic I got a 50% discount on the vet bills. But had a $600.00 I surgery at a specialist. After that I continued to pay over $100.00/year in premiums & never had a claim. When Kizmet turned 10 years old for BASIC Coverage they wanted $300/year! I just couldn’t justify it & cancelled the policy. Go figure my luck 6 months later she was diagnosed with the beginnings of Kidney Failure. And yes I have paid close to $300.00 so far in medical bills. Do I regret my decision to cancel the policy – no! I’ve been fortunate enough that I’m able to afford her vet bills. Kizmet goes in every 3-6 months for blood work & a recheck. I am able to budget & plan a head a bit for her medical bills. 2 years ago I lost my insured 8 year old cat Karley to a brain tumor. I was going through bad financial times then. Within 3 days of vet & ER bills I spent close to $500.00 & drained all my savings. My mom had to pay to have her put down for me. I knew when she got sick I had a price limit I could afford – insurance or not! You still have to pay the veterinary bills up front. No amount of money I would have spent would have saved her. Initially I got $80.00 back from the insurance company.

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Eye problem


Claim Amount
$500 - $1000

Domestic Shorthair

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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