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I rescued a 7 yr cairn terrier that was a little overweight. Took her to Banfield for shots and help to get her weight down. The explained their wellness progams and how sooo many test/services were included on the plan(s) and how a great savings it would be. Big mistake! I signed on for the upgraded plan (like a knucklehead). However, every time I take her for any test or services, I'm told "Oh, those tests aren't covered under the plan". What a joke. I'm always paying out of pocket. There is a teeth cleaning on the plan which covered the blood work. However after they did the blood work they wanted to do other tests (also not covered). I was forwarned that putting my dog to sleep put her at risk of death for the teeth cleaning, since the blood work showed elevated liver enzymes. So in the future if I ever wanted to get her teeth cleaned, I would have to PAY for more blood work because they used my one plan 'blood work' already. They are a JOKE. I can't wait to get out of this contract......I feel like they're stealing from me.

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elevated liver enzymes
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$100 - $500

Cairn Terrier

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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