Big Dog Bloat Surgery - 3am ER visit

Out of 10

When my dog had retching issues and a distended stomach at 3am, I took no time to consider my insurance requirements. I just took my dog to my regular 24 hr emergency vet.
After surgery and a two day recovery, I had a $4,700 bill.

The vet stamped my embrace form when I came to pick up my dog. I took that doc, and all of the payments (1/2 estimate pre-pay and remainder at the end of the visit), scanned them, and then emailed them to the claims email address.

There were some issues with mis-matching birthdays since I went to an ER vet and not my regular vet (whom has my current info). The ER nurse made some assumptions as there wasn't time to properly populate the on-boarding forms.

I asked the claim agent if this was an issue and he assured me that if my typical vet had the correct info, I should be fine.

It was no issue.

I also forgot to sign my claim form when I first submitted it. This also wasn't a deal-breaker as I was contacted to re-submit: no big deal.

about 10 days later, I received an email stating that my claim was approved and the amount I would be receiving.

Seven days later, I had a check for around $3,500.

With all of the sketchy stories and websites out there regarding pet insurance, I really only half expected Embrace to pay out.. and, if i did get anything, I figured it'd be a paltry sum due to some fine-print exclusions...

There was no BS, no back & forth, no issues.

I recommend.

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bloat; no torsion
Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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