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I have had Pets Best since 2008. They were indeed very responsive intially to my claims. I have had four dogs on the insurance. Currently I have three dogs. One of my dogs in the last 2 years has required extensive medical help on his back and his rear legs. Intially my dog was limping on his right rear leg. There was a significant problem with his gate. I recognized what it was, a gracilis contracture, not uncommon in Athletic German Shepherds. My primary vet could not diagnose it. When the gait continued to get worse after tests and other treatment, I went to a very well known Ortho Surgeon. He also could not find a gracils contracture. However, he suspected Cauda Equina. Upon sedation for a CT to diagnose cauda equina, the doctor confirmed a gracilis contracture in his right rear leg. Nothing could be done for that nad it was an ancillary diagnosis, not at all related to the Cauda Euqina. The CT did find Cuada Equina/Lumbar Stenosis and we had surgery to treat that. That used half of my allotment for treatement. A year later my dog was in obvious pain again. Another CT scan revealed a herniated disc between L6 and L7. Pets Best denied this claim and said it was related to the Cauda Equina claim and the CT exam exhausted my allotted amount for that.
Now, two years later, my dog has a semitendinosis contracture in his left rear leg. I consulted with one Board certified Veterinarian Orthpedist who referred me to another Board Certified Ortho Vet. I subm

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Gracilis contracture
Claim Amount
$100 - $500

German Shepherd

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 01/09/2012

Hi Michelle, it appears your review was cut short, and there isn’t enough information here to contact you personally. Please contact Customer Care at 877-738-7237 and we’ll be happy to go over your plan details and claim history with you. We hope your dog is recovering quickly.