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Due to growing up with dogs that had many health problems, when I chose to get my two dogs, I did so by first investigating pet insurance options. I got my first dog, Riley, in April of 2003, a miniature poodle from a very reputable breeder in Northern California. While I knew his lineage was strong (his sire was 14 years old when Riley's litter was born), I still knew poodles had issues because I grew up with them. I registered Riley with VPI the day I brought him home. In February of 2005, I adopted my second dog, Hagan, from a rescue organization in Southern California. Hagan had a different story - he was rescued along with 57 other puppies that were being sold as 8-week old puppies - no shots, no care, weaned from their mothers too early. Of the 57 puppies rescued, only 7 survived - and I was lucky enough to be chosen to care for Hagan. Again, I insured him with VPI the day I brought him home. Hagan started having back problems in June of 2006, diagnosed as disc degeneration. In June of 2008, he showed signs of not being able to walk; and my vet diagnosed him as possibly having a neurological disorder, which would be virtually untreatable - unacceptable to me for my 3-year old, now 12-pound pup. I was very happy to find out that it was only a ruptured disc in his neck, after a $2700 MRI. Within 24-hours, and $2600 worth of surgery, my Hagan was walking again. Grand total $5300, steep for a single woman ~ but I had looked into my VPI Policy and it covere

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ruptured disc in neck
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