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On a routine visit to my vet with Maine Coons, Hyacinthe and Daphnis, in December 2009, I idly picked up ASPCA's Pet Insurance brochure. On studying it at home (having previously looked into two other plans and found them wanting), I liked this one and immediately insured my boys. In June 2010, on a vet visit with Hyacinthe, the routine weigh check showed that he had lost over one pound since December. Testing indicated hyperthyroidism. My choice for treatment was "pills" --twice a day and a major battle each time--or very expensive iodine 131 irradiation. Although my vet assured me that, over the balance of my 11-year old's expected life, irradiation would prove to be no more expensive than medication and follow-up testing, the up-front cost would be significant. Not knowing whether insurance would even cover it, I opted for irradiation. But ASPCA came through with flying colors. Now, Hyacinthe is like a new cat! He's gaining weight, his coat is silky, his eyes bright, and he's returned to play-chasing with his brother, Daphnis. THANKS ASPCA INSURANCE and my great good luck in picking up that brochure just when I did.

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