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We have two rescue puppers that both came from a bad situation. They are now 7½ years old 5½, we foster-failed them when they were both very young, weeks old. We immediately got pet insurance when we adopted them. We first used PetFirst, because I was attracted to the wellness package, but I was not very happy with the coverage. Within a year we switched to Healthy Paws because I liked their coverage better, read excellent reviews, and realized that we needed insurance for life changing events (sickness and/or accidents). We wanted peace of mind that if something should happen to our little furry family members, that it would be a choice of “will this give them the best quality of life?” as opposed to “can we afford this?”. I tell you; the last two years have been a ringer for us, and we have never needed this insurance more.

Our older pup was bitten by a rattlesnake, got a really bad MRSA infection that took a year to recover from and when we moved into our new home, he developed grass allergies (of all things?!). He’s currently being treated by a dermatologist for that allergy and we are diligently working on redoing our landscaping and ripping out the grass…all for him. Outside of the deductible and some small exclusions (i.e. exam fees) all of his vet bills were covered by Healthy Paws, we opted for the 90% reimbursement option years ago and have maintained that coverage.

Our younger pup ripped a nail completely off, but interesting enough the quick remained (very painful as it was completely exposed). And then unfortunately, 3 weeks ago she was hit by a car and had to have a total hip replacement. She also cracked a tooth in the accident that still needs to be addressed once she is stronger from her above operation. We were there when it happened, saw it, and I can’t even begin to explain how we were feeling, seeing her almost killed, her suffering, and knowing that we failed to keep her safe. That she is alive and will be ok, has kept us sane. She was IMMEDIATLEY taken to a vet, stabilized, and treated for her injuries. As terrifying as this all was, at no time did we think about the cost or that we will have to surrender her, let her suffer in pain, or euthanize her. I lost 3 close family members and my job this year. The thought of not having her treated never even crossed our minds.

All of this is thanks to Healthy Paws. In the craziness of 2020, I am so thankfully that we had the insight to get insurance and grateful that Healthy Paws has been so awesome.

Their claim filing is a complete breeze, it takes less than 2 minutes if you have your vet email you the receipt and any necessary medical records. If you have any questions, their customer service has been very responsive. And their turn-around time for reimbursement is very quick, within days!
From the beginning I have told all of our pet parent friends that they need to get pet insurance. Do your own research and get what works for you, but I am a strong advocate for this company.

Stay safe and healthy!

~Healthy Paws Biggest Fan

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