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Junior is our 12 year old Jack Russell mix baby. To say that we love her with all of our hearts would be an understatement. We purchased Healthy Paws pet insurance in August of 2010. In February of 2011 she was diagnosed with diabetes and Cushings Disease, this is a long story so bear with me, Healthy Paws covered it. Three months later Junior went blind from cateracts. Since we couldn't stand to see baby suffer we elected to have surgery. The cateracts were a preexisting condition and so it was not covered. As junior recovered from her surgery she developed glaucoma in her left eye, and after a month of numerous doctor visits and very expensive medications, her eye had to be removed. Healthy Paws covered these expenses without flinching. Junior is doing very well these days. She still has to visit the doctor (Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine) on a regular basis to keep her diseases managed. This is very expensive and without Healthy Paws we could not afford it. Her monthly prescriptions alone more than justify the monthly insurance premiums. I would recommend Healthy Paws to anyone who loves their pet. They have been a life saver and without them I'm afraid we wouldn't have our baby with us today.

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Eye problem

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Jack Russell Terrier

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Over 8 years

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