I wish I could say SPOT will have your back, but I can’t…

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I wish I could say SPOT will have your back, but I can’t…

We purchased the policy when my puppy was 3 months old. He got into trouble and swallowed rocks twice: once before and once during the insurance waiting period. The first time, he went to the ER for an endoscopy to remove them from his stomach. The second time the Dr made him puke it out. He had diarrhea for a couple weeks after due to all these procedures, but it went away after some time. It was all paid out of pocket ($4K) because the policy wasn’t active at this time. Too bad timing didn’t work out but that was the rules we agreed to, no hard feelings there.

After the waiting period was over, our dog started causing destruction around the house when left alone. He bit entire corners off the walls and literally ate two holes through the wall when left alone inside a gated kitchen for less than 1 hr. We consulted with the vet and they wrote a letter diagnosing separation anxiety and recommending behavioral treatment, which SPOT claims is covered.

We submitted the letter from the Dr and letter from an animal behaviorist outlining a treatment plan to SPOT for approval. They denied coverage claiming that eating rocks when he’s with us is a sign of separation anxiety and is therefore a pre-existing condition. I argued it is unreasonable to claim that a behavior observed when accompanied is a symptom of separation anxiety, but they disagreed. They also disagreed with the Dr’s letter that, literally and word by word, states the diagnosis for separation anxiety is unrelated to eating rocks. SPOT formulated their own diagnosis for my dog that justifies rejection of coverage and denied the claim.

At some point the diarrhea came back and lasted for weeks. The vet put him on medication for a month but wasn’t getting better so they recommended doing a full blood panel to diagnose any physical issues. SPOT rejected coverage for the vet’s medication, the blood panel and diagnostic tests claiming that because he had diarrhea before, it is a pre-existing condition and no treatment would be covered.

I’m not one to leave bitter reviews around the internet but I at least felt I had to share my experience and warn others.

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