We Love Petplan! Saved Kitty Twice!

Out of 10

We are so happy we have Petplan and recommend it to all pet owners we know. Because of Petplan we have had peace of mind to choose to save our aging bengal cat's life not once but twice. Not only do they reimburse promptly and with no argument, they are covering our cat at 11 years old--many plans won't cover a cat of this advanced age. The first time petplan saved kitty, he was 10 yrs old and petplan paid us out about $3000 when he was diagnosed with heart disease. This summer, when he was 11, petplan reimbursed us almost $2000 after kitty got out of the yard, was injured, and had to have his shattered front leg amputated. They paid back in full minus our deductible promptly, without argument or haggling whatsoever. When we did have to call Petplan, we were freaking out over the cat AND the looming huge vet bill. The reps we spoke to were calm and reassuring and demonstrated genuine concern for kitty while walking us through the claims process. Without Petplan, we might have had to put our cat to sleep or take second jobs to pay his vet bills. Thank you petplan!

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Over 8 years

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