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We researched various companies for a long time and were reluctant to spend $$$ on pet insurance when most companies have all sorts of esoteric rules and spending caps and such. We skeptically enrolled - but Healthy Paws has delivered every single time we needed it so far. We only enrolled our Shepherd/Lab mix girl who is now 9 yrs old in January 2011. They have paid multiple claims for surgeries and biopsies that were totally unexpected very promptly and with an explanation of what is and isn't covered. The latest claim was over $3000 and it was paid! This isn't a gimmick, it really is great coverage. Their customer service is top notch and they let you know up front what is preexisting and what isn't (this is important esp in an older dog and important to find out) but anything not preexisting has been covered to the full extent that we elected (90% w/$250 deductible). I wish we had heard of Healthy Paws when our girl was a youngster! Thank you!

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dental surgery for benign tumors x 3
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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