COVID-19 Veterinary Care

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I was reluctant to get pet insurance but realized my dog is only getting older and will not put a price on my dog’s life. I had little money for premiums so I setup what I would call a ‘catastrophic’ policy- with a $1,000 deductible and 20% copay. And hoped I wouldn’t have insurance hassles.

A year later my 14 yr old dog started limping and progressively not walking. It was difficult to go through the progressive diagnostics to get to the proper diagnosis and that was well over a month.

Just when a diagnosis and recommended treatment are finally achieved a pandemic hits. There are few AAHA Hospitals with the expertise and technology available for an MRI and hemilaminectomy to begin with. And now many were closed due to COVID-19. It was a struggle to find one, find one open and as we all know you can’t immediately get Veterinary care. Ultimately I drove to another state.

Despite all this Embrace proved they weren’t a hassle or haggle. And that was a lifeline during a very difficult time.

My claims greatly exceeded my premiums and when it was time for renewal I thought they would drop me. That didn’t happen.

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